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Country: Greece
  • Mykonos, Greece
  • Aegean Sea
Duration: from 1 to 4 hour(s)
Physical strain: Low
Tour starting point: At Mykonos base - Lia beach
Min age: 10 year(s)

Snorkeling is an amazing experience for everyone. Join us on a snorkeling tour to explore the spectacular underwater world. This program is also an excellent pre-training experience for children who want to explore the possibilities, but are too young to dive with scuba in the open water or before the PADI Bubblemaker program. Boat snorkeling: participate on our boat dive trip and snorkel on a diving spot (50 min.) Snorkeling Fun Day: an ideal combination of shore and boat snorkeling under the guidelines of GoDive Mykonos.

Name Count: Type: Note:
Lifejacket (for water tourism) Included
Wet suit Included
Mask, fins, snorkel Included
Full Scuba PRO equipment Included
Name Count: Type: Note:
Free underwater photos Included *Upon availability
Name Count: Type: Note:
Antonis Description: Padi Dive Master
Konstantinos Description: Padi MSDT instructor
Translator Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French.
Description: *
Name Count: Type: Note:
Water Included
Medical services
Name Count: Type: Note:
Life/Medical Insurance Included
Doctor Included
First aid kit Included

Boat snorkeling

Day 1

PADI Snorkeling

Location: Mykonos, Greece

Boat snorkeling is around 50 min -1 hour on the spot

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