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Country: Peru
  • Tipón, Choquepata, Cusco, Peru
  • Pikillacta, Quispicanchi Province, Cusco, Peru
  • Andahuaylillas, Cusco, Peru
  • Andahuaylillas, Cusco, Peru
Duration: for 5 hour(s)
Physical strain: Low
Tour starting point: Cusco

TIPON Archaeological group corresponding to the Inca period in which you can enjoy a system of exceptional irrigation with vertical and horizontal channels on watering terrace walls, underground water flows to a source that is distributed by the channels mentioned. It was an important center of agricultural production. PIQUILLAQTA Another important archaeological site which corresponds to a period before the Incas, which has been an administrative center of the Wari Empire, it stands out in the streets that form quadrants, constructions of double floor with stuccoed walls and paved floors. ANDAHUAYLILLAS Leaving Cusco towards the south, after a trip by car for 45 minutes, you'll reach the town of Andahuaylillas, traditional village in whose famous colonial church is called the "Sistine Chapel of America" for its beautiful painted ceiling and walls. End of the services.

Name Count: Type: Note:
Official Guide Service in English and Spanish. Included
Entrance tickets. Included
Original Passport and card of migration (TAM). Recommended
Use sneakers or light/tennis shoes. Recommended
Drink plenty of fluids during your excursions. Recommended
Raincoat (long poncho) during the rainy season. Recommended
Long-sleeved shirts. Recommended
Long pants. Recommended
Sunscreen, brimmed hat for sunny days. Recommended
Binoculars. Recommended
Sunglasses, plastic bags. Recommended
Medicine and / or personal items (liquid for contact lenses). Recommended
A backpack or lightweight suitcase (no weight limit between 5-6 kilos maximum). Recommended
Camera or camcorder and films. Recommended
Have on hand checks in small denominations and coins in soles or dollars. Recommended
Transport in tour
Name Count: Type: Note:
Pick-up from the hotel. Included
Tourist transport. Included
Name Count: Type: Note:
Food and beverages. Not included

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