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Country: Botswana
  • Okavango Delta, North-West District, Botswana
Duration: from 2 to 3 day(s)
Physical strain: Low
Tour starting point: Maun,Botswana
Tour ending point: Maun,Botswana

Check details in the Itinerary.

Other destinations like named below can be arranged on overnights either on lodges, house or community trusts camping sites as they are far apart from each other. Tsodilo Hills Gcwihaba caves Central Kalahari game reserve Moremi

Name Count: Type: Note:
Canoeing through the channels of the Delta Included
Gate passes Included
Polers Included
Accommodation Included
Name Count: Type: Note:
Transport in tour
Name Count: Type: Note:
Transfer from Maun to Mokoro station which is an 1hour drive Included
Name Count: Type: Note:
Branded (Africa Kamonate Tours & Safaris) water Included
Breakfast Included
Lunch Included
Dinner Included
Drinks ( Inclusive of wines & Beer) Included

Okavango Delta

Day 2

Day 3

Overnight Excursion

Location: Okavango Delta, North-West District, Botswana

Accomodation: Camp

One can explore our own World Heritage Site (Okavango Delta) either by Mokoro: (dugout canoe) through the channels of the Delta, either on full day Mokoro excursion or overnighting trips. (which are made according to the guests’ preference)

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