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Country: Belize
  • Xunantunich Mayan Ruins
  • El Castillo de Arena
Duration: for 8 hour(s)
Physical strain: Low
Tour starting point: Belize City, Belize
Tour ending point: Belize City, Belize

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Name Count: Type: Note:
Entrance fees Included Entrance fees to the Mayan Sites Archaeological Reserve
Name Count: Type: Note:
Guide Note: Personal guide for the entire tour
Transport in tour
Name Count: Type: Note:
Transportation Included Transportation from pickup point to port or hotel
Name Count: Type: Note:
Lunch Included Belizean Lunch of rice and beans, stewed chicken, potato salad or coleslaw
Water Not included
Local alcohol Not included
Imported alcohol Not included
Non-alcoholic beverages Not included


Day 1

The Mayan Ruin: Xunantunich

Location: Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

This tour features a trip to Xunantunich, "Maiden of the Rock". This Mayan site was home to a city known for making strides in development. Even as other Mayan cities began to decline, Xunantunich still continued to thrive.

Xunantunich is home to the second highest man made structure in the country of Belize. Preserved for over 1400 years, El Castillo has been only partially excavated and explored. Climbing to the top allows you to view the West Friese, an example of the skill Mayan artisans had at this site.

​After hiking to the top of the structures at this site, you'll be able to get great panoramic views of the site that contains a set of six plazas surrounded by more than twenty five temples and palaces. The site also includes an ancient Mayan ball court. Both the climb to the top and the descent must be done cautiously but the experience atop these tall Mayan structures are well worth the effort.

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