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Country: Belize
  • Belize City
  • The Belize Zoo
  • Jaguar Paw Jungle Resort
Duration: for 5 hour(s)
Physical strain: Low
Tour starting point: Belize city, Belize
Tour ending point: Belize city, Belize

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A/C tour van Included
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Lunch Included

Combo tour

Day 1

Belize Zoo & Cave Tubing With Lunch

Location: The Belize Zoo

This tour takes us to the Belize Zoo! This zoo claims to be the first of its kind; a zoo in which all the animals are in their natural habitats. Founded by an American citizen, Sharon Matola in 1983, this zoo also serves as a rehabilitation center for our animals and functions as a research center for wildlife in Belize. The experience at the Belize Zoo offers an up close experience with Belizean wildlife.The second part of this tour takes us to the caves at Jaguar Paw! The Maya thought that these caves led to Xibabla, an underworld ruled by the Maya death gods and their helpers in K'iche' Maya mythology. Upon reaching the caves and the river, you can take a dip and admire the beauty of the rocks and cave entrance. After that you can tube down the river and into the caves that contain art work and interesting rock formations within!This tour provides an experienced guide as well as an A/C tour van to provide safe and comfortable transportation as you enjoy your trip!

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