• Description
  • Parameters
  • Itinerary
Country: Dominican Republic
  • Zip Lines Adventures by Runners Adventures
  • Puerto Plata
  • Sosúa
  • Monkey Jungle Dominican Republic
Duration: for 5 hour(s)
Physical strain: Low
Tour starting point: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Tour ending point: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Min age: 6 year(s)

Fly through 7 thrilling zip lines located in the magnificent valley of the Monkey Jungle estate. Dare to make a 53 feet jump on a cable controlled descent. Finish an adventure filled day interacting with friendly squirrel monkeys that will jump around you to eat fresh fruit directly from your hands.

Pregnant women cannot take part in this tour. Children must be accompanied by an adult. People with disability and/or mobility problems cannot take part in this tour. Not recommended for people with back problems. Not recommended for people with asthma or infections of the upper airways. Not recommended for people with severe peanut allergies. People with a cold or flu cannot take part in this tour. Do not use sunscreen or insect repellent. The minimum weight to participate in this tour is 27 kilograms (60lbs.) The maximum weight to participate in this tour is 136 kilograms (300lbs.) The maximum waist to participate in this tour is 127 centimeters (50in.)

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Experienced guides
Transport in tour
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Tranport by safari truck Included
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Water Included
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Zip Lines at Monkey Jungle

Day 1

Zip Lines at Monkey Jungle

Location: Monkey Jungle Dominican Republic

Zip Lines at Monkey Jungle is a great adventure tour destination Puerto Plata. You will fly over a prodigious valley in the Monkey Jungle estate of in Sosúa. Built by one of the most experienced builders of zip lines tour from Canada along with a U.S. structural engineer. The adventure will take you flying through the magnificent valley of the estate Monkey Jungle. Naturalist guides will show you the way, helping to venture and learn about the region. You will be entering a new dimension of entertainment. Our expert guides will teach you everything about the team and the tour. Be transported to the Welcome Center, where we will have a briefing about safety. Then walk through the paths floral property for 7 mins to get to the first platform and be ready for the challenge of flying from one platform to another. Is fixed with climbing gear to the cables, the longest being 800 feet! The tour consists of 7 lines for a total 4200 feet, two suspension bridges over a cable controlled descent of 53 feet. Our zip line tour was constructed with double steel cables, the cables are calibrated with the speed necessary to fly and enjoy. The Zip Line Adventure at Monkey Jungle belongs to the Monkey Jungle charitable foundation, which is dedicated to offer free primary medical and dental care to residents from different rural areas. Aside from free medical services also supply food rations and daily medicine to a group of terminally ill patients. Free your body, fly from platform to platform, get air with a spectacular view of the lush nature of the Choco region. After resting for a while, we continue the last leg of our trip to Monkey Jungle homestead. We enter the forest, fruit basket in hand, and interact with the squirrel monkeys.

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